Our History

Brommer Architects, LLC was established in 2006 following the disolution of a five year partnership.  Prior to that partnership, Barry Brommer, AIA, was either the principle in his own design firm or Corporate Architect for a national health care provider located in Hackensack, New Jersey.  As Corporate Architect, Mr. Brommer was responsible for design and construction of nursing facilities in various locations in the Eastern and Mid-western United States.  Whatever position Mr. Brommer held, he was responsible for communicating with clients and governing agencies whether it was healthcare or housing projects.

Our Design Philosophy

Brommer Architects, LLC approach to the design process is to identify what the client’s requirements are and through comprehensive communications with the client arrive at the desired solution in an economic, functional and aesthetically pleasing solution.  With our team of experienced professionals, we will deliver an excellent solution on time, within budget and with a scope of services selected to meet our client’s specific needs.  For the last  years, Barry Brommer AIA has been able to provide those architectural solutions for his clients with confidence.